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Thread: Banner kill.

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    Question Banner kill.

    Hello i've recently started a Forum of my own, and because it's a free hosted forum, i was wondering if it was possible to somehow edit something and erase those annoying banners.?
    And if it was possible how would i go about doing this?

    well here's a link to the site.

    Any help or advice will be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
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    i dont think you can kill that banner or even erase it on your site coz you in a free plan, i dont know but i think other free hosting site provide banners or pop ups

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    Post It is possible

    Yes it is possible to do it. But it's not good idea.

    1. Why is the service you are using free? Because it's paid by the advertisement. And if everyone would block ads, free hosting wouldn't exist for a long time.

    2. If the provider find out that you are blocking his ads he will probably delete your account.

    So if you don't want to have advertisement on your page pay for some cheap hosting:]


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    I've moved your thread from Newbie Security to General Chit Chat. I don't really see any security issues in your thread. *shrug*
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    I'm sorry MsMittens, i thought that since i'm knew to this Security area, that it would be the best place to post my Question..
    Anyhow thankyou all for your response, i'm now going to consider buying a domain, because those damned banners are just so annoying..

    Anyhow thanks

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    And now all i got is a heap of White Out on the Monitor..

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    banner is filtered

    since i use ad subtract pro 2.55 i can filter the banner out when i browse ur page the banner is not even there, however if i disable the filter then i can see it. the banner is a java script based banner similar to that of angelfire. there's most likely an html code u could script to eradicate the banner, but using that particular domain i doubt u will ever figure it out because the domain is not a popular one and also it's a violation of the domain conduct code i would imagine, so if they find out that u blocked their banner ur domain could be banned and shut down. maybe u should try a bannerless domain such as brinkster or i think those domains are bannerless.

    good luck

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