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Thread: Anyone use The Cleaner ?

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    Anyone use The Cleaner ?

    Does anyone here use the cleaner from moosoft ??

    I'm using the new version 4.0 pro build 4138
    I also use McAfee to do general scanning.

    I never have used Nortons in my entire computer life lol, but I am aware that this forum promotes using Nortons, and I'm sure Norton's is probably the best AV Scanner on the market.

    I've also tried Kaspersky but I couldn't get the prog to update dat files, but I saw in another thread that they have a new beta of Kaspersky so I will look into that.

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    Does anyone here use the cleaner from moosoft ??
    yes i use The Cleaner 4.0 Professional. i also have AVG AV scanner the combination of the two works fine for me. i genarlly go for the free stuff.

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    I'm sure Norton's is probably the best AV Scanner on the market.
    I would dispute that..................they are living on past glories I feel..........the products are getting more complex, and so are the problems.

    If you are talking about "scanning" then it is an old established product, but if you are talking "AV" it is not..............there are several I would choose in front of it.

    However, if it works for you ...fine

    I am basing my comments on the domestic/home products, not the professional business ones. I think Norton have let that (home) side of their market slide somewhat?

    Moosoft "Cleaner" is sound software IMO


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    I use the cleaner too. Good stuff.

    I use norton internet security because it is all integrated. I like the way it is setup.
    I use AVG on others. Can't get much better for free.

    I really like nortons av for corporate use. Easy to use and almost no maintence.
    Everything is updated automagically!
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    I use the Cleaner too and like it.

    I must say that I like TDS (Trojan Defence Suite) by DiamondCS better however because it seems faster and more thorough than v3 of the Cleaner (I have not yet tried v4). Check it out at

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    yes i have used The cCeaner to remove many trojans from my old box. At one time i had over 30 trojans on my box (damn kazaa). And it removed them effortlessly. It was awsome. I have never used AV but ill be sure to download it in the future to test it.

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    The cleaner from moosoft is a good product. Also, if you're ever in Santa Fe NM, it's interesting to stop by their office and see how things work. I use it and like it.

    I've also tried TDS 3 and was really impressed. I never did figure out all the stuff it can do in the evaluation period though. It's a powerful piece of software.

    The cleaner is more my speed, being somewhat technologically challenged.

    *edit* One thing to consider about The Cleaner is that it doesn't detect, or isn't good yet at detecting, polymorphic trojans or worms. They've said, on another security form (Wilders) that working on that detail.

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    I happen to use The cleaner by moosoft, and have for a couple years now. I started off with version 2.0 and now use 4.0. I can honestly say it has caught more "trojans/viruses" then I expected. It does a good job in scanning files, however, it can be slow, and take up a lot of cpu usage. I do happen to like Avast! antivirus. It too cleans viruses/trojans well, and it is free to home users. Good luck.
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    Originally posted here by ric-o
    I must say that I like TDS (Trojan Defence Suite) by DiamondCS better however because it seems faster and more thorough than v3 of the Cleaner (I have not yet tried v4). Check it out at [/B]
    My friend just introduced me to TDS-3. I decided to run it on my work computer, they use McAfee enterprise. I also use SpyBot and AdAware. TDS-3 found 3 keyloggers and a trojan! I couldn't believe my eyes... I am seriously considering buying TDS, and highly recommend the trial to everyone. Dont let the interface scare you. It's got loads of extra features for so many different things.
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    TDS-3 seems like a solid product, but the trial was too short for me to really get a feel for it. I've used PestPatrol for a couple of years now and love its features -- even has command line capabilities!

    Here's a review I found comparing The Cleaner and Pest Patrol with two other products:

    Note: Change 'icons-at' to 'icons-av' in the url for an anti-virus comparison...

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