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    Client Control

    Our company has just made some huge cuts of staff and one of the people to go was the net admin. I was told to see what I can do so, I am calling on the AO community!

    - I am trying to figure out the easiest way to make all the computers on the network look "generic" (ex. all the programs are the same | no one is allowed to change network settings) can you see why he was fired. Basically I am trying to clean up a huge mess what would you guys do?

    All the hardware is good their OS MS server 2000 it is only an intranet no internet.

    Thanks in advance | Adiz

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    Are all the machines identical as far as harware goes? If that is the case, you could build a fresh machine with all of your application requirements and then image it. As long as all the machines have exactly the same hardware, the image can then be multicasted out or simply installed locally on each terminal. After that you can use group policy objects within windows 2000, assuming these machines are all members of a domain, to prevent individual users from altering certain aspects of their workstations. This would leave you with a pretty "generic" platform and would be easily administered.

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