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Thread: My Home LAN hates me

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    Question My Home LAN hates me

    I have already posted this elsewhere but I want to give it a go here. I have spent a few years off of computers and just reading and building, but I decided to set up a home lan to test os security and develop a deeper understandingI have hooked up three of the five but they don't seem to notice that the other exists One runs freeBSD and the others run win2000 pro and win xp pro all NIC's test fine and are working I have even switche dup hubs but they both work fine, but when i search for comps on my network I get nothing what do I need to do to make them get along????I got my hands on Lan Manager but it only shows the comp I downloaded it to and nothing. What am I missing for I feel stupid currently.

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    No need to double post. . .make sure the IP's and subnet are set, set sharing on Win boxes, set up Samba and you should be gewd.
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    I have no idea who to make freeBSD talk to Windows so I cannot help you on that..

    For Window XP and 2000, you need to set-up a workgroup from your Xp Machine. Then, you bring your XP Cd on your 2000 machine and run the Windows XP Network Wizard on the Windows 2000 Machine. This should help you make them those Windows computer talk.
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    As far as connecting the two windows machines, I am not sure if you want them to have a network drive or just be able to ping each other or what.

    For just pinging each other they simply need to have DIFFERENT ip's but same subent masks and you should be fine. Let me warn you if you are trying to route using you cable box be careful with the IP's, assigning an IP on cable (unless dedicated) will terminate your connection.


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