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Thread: If the year was 1500!

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    Originally posted here by w0lverine
    I am Robin Hood. The king of thieves. i and my merry men are planning to plunder from the rich and giving it to the Poor ( well mostly)
    The question is though...would you be wearing tights?

    (If you've never seen the movie Robin Hood: Men in Tights, this isn't going to be funny, nor even make sense, so my apologies if that is the case)
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    I have already laid claim to the pantihose.............the nappies/diapers came in somewhat after Robin Hood's time? 1400's?

    Without looking it up Kings Richard and John were around in the 1100's and that is Robin Hood's era.....first/second crusades?

    And don't forget the essential bit of male overwear

    I think I shall leave before I get corrupted?


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