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Thread: New Laptop!

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    New Laptop!

    I am going to buy a good cheap laptop (dont know which one yet though). What I plan to do is always boot up in DOS, and than I am going to install UNIX on it, and a couple of compilers and windows XP, and whenever I bootup in DOS I can choose to use UNIX, XP, or a Program compiler. SInce I am a newbie this probably sounds like a load of cr@p, but I am wondering if this makes any since or if I am just getting dillusional from the flu shots.

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    I've never heard of an OS called Program Compiler?

    You can dual boot a windows and*nix box pretty easily. Why would you want to boot up into Dos, then another OS? There are boot loaders that do that for you... program compilers have to have an OS to run....

    Also, good and cheap is exactly what you will get. How about buying the best you can afford?

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    Just make sure that Windows is the first thing installed before you install *nix.

    Otherwise Windows begins to hate you and plays bad tricks on you.

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