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Thread: Which is better for gaming

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    Which is better for gaming

    Ok so what is better for gaming a PC or a Console??
    please when answering support you answer with 3 unique reasons why you think either is better

    PC's are way better!!

    1. PC games can be easily mod'd to enhance or make the game completly new
    2. FPS aiming is easier with a mouse than a control pad (although some consoles now allow you to link up a keyboard mouse it is not default as with PC)
    3. Playing online which is reletivley new to consoles has been around for ages on PC's and has a larger community than online console gaming


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    With PC you can buy a better graphic card.
    You can connect a control pad toa a PC.
    If you have two monitors you can play and listen to music, talk and some other stuff at the same time.

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    Consoles are the best!

    1. They are devices dedicated to gaming, not "all things to all men" like PCs

    2. They are "ahead of the game" (pun intended!)...64 BIT or 128 BIT technology..........oh yeah you can get a 64 BIT PC.........why? what will run on it?.....bragging rights? well I have a 12" penis but I don't use it as a rule (joke there if you look for it?)

    3. You aren't afraid to open letters from your bank manager......they are excellent value for money?


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    1) consule games cheat you with horrable draw distances
    2) monitures are much better then TVs....if youve ever been forced to play an Xbox or Playstation on a crappy Tv and watch the colours bleed togeather or be all fuzzy.
    3) input/out put device sucks. personally i think that a keyboard and mouse is better then any 20 buttion multi colourd controller.
    4) consules dont have porno =)
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    1) More Games available usually that console.
    2) PC can do SOOO much more that a console. (Like r3fus3d said)
    3) PC can be upgrade, console not.
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    1. I have played alot on PS2's and on XBoxes, and I get bored so quickly with the same game day after day (HALO never got sick of it) and next thing you know you are watching a rerun of oprah.

    2. Also the games cost you a ****in arm and a leg for these new gaming station

    3. Not as multi-functional. (sometimes I will be gaming on my PC and think of something I want to add to me new web scheme and on Xbox you can pause and quickly type a not on your todo list without having to move from what you were doing.


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    The Pc and the console has their good points and bad points

    Console good points: no drivers to update ,memory problems, Hd space reads from the Cd Etc

    Console Bad points: Can't update it with new mods unless one is written for it and have a way to get on the console Etc, limited to that one console unless released for others Etc

    PC good points: Mods can be created for it, not limited to play on more than one machine can update video card, memory and cpu to increase performance more servers to choose from to play online Etc

    PC bad points: Hd space have to update video drivers and patches for the game (If needed) chance of running out of memory, have to reinstall the game if the Hd dies or upgrading it Etc

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    1) You can upgrade your PC, you generally can't upgrade your console. Consoles tend to only last a couple of years before they are obsoleted, I can generally keep a PC platform capable of playing games for 3-4 years, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter, kinda depends on what technologies come out during that time.

    2) Wider diversity of games, generally with greater depth than on consoles.

    3) I can use my PC to do other things, my console, especially after it is obsolete, just gathers dust, whereas I can take my old 200 MHz pentium II and turn it into a mail server or something to that effect.

    4) Look hard enough and you can generally find either the same titles as the console on a PC, or you can find a ROM, that is generally not the case with consoles (ie, can't play playstation games on a gamecube).

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    1. As stated previously You can upgrade your graphics card.

    2. From some of the games I've played such as Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, the Graphics sucked on Console comared to PC

    3. The PC can be continually upgraded while as nebulus said your console only lasts so long then its done.

    4. I can use the PC for other things beside Gaming.

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    PC's are better.

    1) Expansion packs. You cannot install a expansion pack (or its not usually created) with game consoles.
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