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Thread: program for music creation for linux plz?

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    Wink program for music creation for linux plz?

    For those who are creating music: I need a program to record,create (synthesizer) and mix music that will work on linux....something like cool edit and fruity loops in there any similar program in linux (running suse 8.2)
    Plz don't tell me to stfw (i googled already and i was lost because i dont know which is the best program )..also i tried krec and other programs which come with the distro but they are not as powerful as those i referred to....

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    This article has a few suggestions. A few links can be found here. Any thought to using wine to run your windows apps on Linux?
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    This may be of some help to you

    Developing and Using Snd: Editing Sound Under Linux, Part One

    There are also various links to other sources, and software etc to be found here
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    I think i almost found what i want...snD does for me....thanks!
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