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Thread: VB PDF.OCX Advanced Question

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    Question VB PDF.OCX Advanced Question

    I spent a good portion of my morning creating a VB app to read some e-books that I have.

    The e-books are very valuable to print or distribute so I don't wan't anyone to be able to just copy the disk, print the manuals or recover the ebooks (PDF)

    What I did.
    I used rc4 to encrypt each of the pdf files so acrobat won't read them.

    my application deciphers them to open at run time and saves them as a temporary file which deletes when the program terminates. (hence the pdf doesn't exist as far as anyones concerned)

    Only my program will decipher these due to a password of huge length.

    My problem is that the pdf.ocx has a save as button with which you can recover a pdf file.

    All be it that its protected from printing or copying text but I don't wan't these files to be distributed in any way.

    I wan't to stop this appearing or at least functioning or alternatively ?


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    Hi Mark,

    Sorry for being a bit slow here, is it that you don't want anyone to see them at all, other than yourself?

    Or do you want people to be able to look at them but not copy print or save?

    What operating system are you using?


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    I will outline this more clearly.

    I have 6 pdf files. I want others to be able to view them but not.

    1. Print them
    2. Copy the files.
    3. Copy and Paste the contents
    4. Save them to another location.

    I dealt with these in the following way.

    1. Acrobat lets you stop the file being printed.
    2. I encrypted the files with a password which my program deciphers at run time to allow viewing the files.
    3. Acrobat allows you to switch this off

    The 4th problem I have to deal with and as yet have been unable is that when you use the PDF.OCX VB plugin it has a save button so you can save out the unencrypted file as a pdf hence you have a copy hence you can sell it.

    I want to switch off this feature of the plugin or use a different one which does not allow this.

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    Possible solution

    There are a few API calls available in VB that will allow you to manipulate the OCX button or eliminate it entirely. A simple work around would be to position a label or better yet, a frameless frame over it and assign the hotket to an existing menu command. Hope this works.
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