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Thread: What interface for these three ?

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    What interface for these three ?

    My freind asked me what interface these following devices would use and i told him ,

    Keyboard > serial
    Printer > parallel
    Disk Drive > Parallel

    is this right or wrong ?

    Please help

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    The keyboard can be USB or PS2 too as well as the printer can be USB.
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    Forgot to mention

    forgot to mention it's between serial and parallel so is the above right and what about the disk drive ?

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    Disk drive is a bit vague:

    Hard? if so is it IDE or SCSI

    internal or external?


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    Wel If the Question is HOW IS THE DATA TRANSFERED BETWEEN THE DEVICES Then the answer is

    Keyboard ps2/AT/USB = Serial
    Mouse ps2/serial/USB = Serial 
    Printer            25pin    = Parallel
                            USB     = Serial
    HDD                 *IDE    = Parallel
                            SCSI    = Parallel
                            SATA    = Serial  (this is the new fast breed)
    Now I hope this has helped you with your homework


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