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Thread: Assembly Compiler?

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    Assembly Compiler?

    Does anybody know of a good free Assembler compiler? I founds some: 370, 68k, Amiga, C--, PalmPilot, x86, and Z80. I cant tell if any of these are perticulary good, so I was hoping someone might be able to recomend a free one.

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    You can also try MASM. I had success with this site last year. I also used this assembly book and found it to be very helpful.

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    assembly isnt compiled just a note
    and nasm is pure ****

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    It also depends what sort of assembly language you plan to use. If you're going to be using MIPS, I highly recommend PCSpim (you can find it on Google). I've been using that and have had very good results. Also, they have an older DOS version which you can actually add to Visual Studio (if you use VS for other programming). For x86, I personally like MASM, once again because it integrates into VS (so well, in fact, that you can get all of the debug and output directly with VS without having to open an external program).

    Also, just to note, the "assmblers" you mentioned are mostly different assembly languages (i.e. Amiga, x86, z80, etc.). Figure out what you want to write assembly code for, find out what type of assembly language that product uses (some are proprietary, others are often either x86 or MIPS) and then get an assmbler based upon that.


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    [quote] free Assembler compiler? [/qoute]

    Assembler Compiler??????????????????

    well anyway i use Borland TASM you can get it from here. i like like better than masm

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    370, 68k, Amiga, C--, PalmPilot, x86, and Z80
    The majority of the things you posted are different architectures of processor/ microcontroller. You need to state what you wanna develop on and or for.

    if you just wanna churn out ASM for your computer then this would probably be x86, unless your computers really old or its a apple mac or something like a sparc

    if you wanna develop for some of the platforms you stated there then you do development on a computer and then usually send the complied files to the processor/ application by means of a serial or parrallel port , infrared, ethernet or other devices such as jtag and mon08 cables

    if its just the PC your on then i'd definatly recommend NASM, its done a good job for me when i was writing a bootloader, theres ports to both windows and Linux so what ever floats your boat.

    Tell me what you wanna do and i can provide a better response



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