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Thread: Drawing custom avatar?

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    Drawing custom avatar?

    I was just wondering if any free XP sofware exists that would allow to let me draw my own avatar.

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    As I recall, XP does still come with Paint.

    It's not great, but you already have it.

    Edit: I don't think you have enough posts to have a custom avatar. I could be wrong...

    Edit2: I didn't mean to encourage piracy, those were just the only programs that came to mind. (I thought GIMP was only for *NIX. Cool.). Figaro, like MsMittens said, is an excellent source for free software. Most of the stuff is free trials and limited versions, but they do have good functionality. Sorry bout the piracy thing...
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    I've moved this thread from Questions about Antionline to Web Development since I know there are a few here who do graphic design and might be able to better help figaro with software suggestions..

    D0pp139an93r, why are you encouraging someone to download and use pirated software? Why not suggest to him to consider perhaps using Gimp, which is just as powerful as Photoshop? Or better yet, visit and find some freeware made specifically for Windows environment?


    If you look at the link you'll see that there is a Win32 version. Many open source apps are written not just for *nix but also for their Win32 counterparts.
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    yes you can get a win version of gimp ->

    also many of the popular graphics programs come with a 30 day trial such as photoshop & paintshop pro

    personnaly i prefer photoshop - its got a longer learning curve than most but it is worth it in the end as it produces a better standard of graphics when you have become good with it.

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