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Thread: Software to Check what type of device in Notebook.

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    Software to Check what type of device in Notebook.

    HI all, I like to ask you what software or utilities can be used to check the hardware in a notebook, because I need to install the hardware's driver for it.

    The Manufacturer's web site did not categories the hardware driver for different notebook.


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    can't you just go: right click My Computer and go to manage-> then click on Device manager and see all the devices you have in your machine. What OS are you running, maybe you dont need a program to view what you have insie your machine.

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    Belarc Advisor is pretty good at showing what is in modern machines. Also SiSoft Sandra.

    Sorry I do not have links but a Google search will do the job


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    Get Aida32. It is the ultimate system info utility I have come across.

    You can create a COMPLETE report and find out EVERYTHING about your PC.

    You won't be disapointed... its FREE.

    Download it here.

    I find that the enterprise version (also free) gives a bit more info. You can retrieve license info for your m$ products along with cdkeys and etc. I like it much better. Its also nice for on the go. If you do side work and you have clients all over, you can put this program on a usb flash disk, then create reports and store them on the flash drive.
    When your client calls... no need to ask them what they have... simply plug in and find out for yourself.
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    There is also a freeware program specifically made to identify devices which windows only shows as a yellow question mark in device manager. You can get it here -

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    As mentioned above,
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    Phish: Bloody Marvellous program......

    With the Enterprise version you can customize the reports to show you start-up programs too. Once you get the reports from the PC's you can look through and find PC's that have spyware etc. installed on them and pay it a visit.

    I implemented it this am on an OU in my domain and I love it. It will domain wide very soon....
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