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Thread: Expect M$ Security Bulletins Jan 13, 2004

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    Exclamation Expect M$ Security Bulletins Jan 13, 2004

    FYI: Microsoft is expected to release new security bulletins (aka patches) on January 13, 2004 (next week). They are planning a webcast to go over them...this was posted on their TechNet site...
    TechNet Security Webcast: Information about Microsoft’s January Security Bulletins

    1/14/2004 10:00 AM - 1/14/2004 11:00 AM
    Language: English-American

    Live Meeting Webcast, 10:00AM Pacific

    Online Event, United States

    General Event Information
    Products: Other.

    Recommended Audience: IT Professional.

    Description: On January 13, Microsoft will release its monthly security bulletins. Join us in this webcast for a live discussion of the technical details of the January security bulletins and steps you can take to protect your environment.

    Presenters: Mark Miller, Security Incident Response Manager/PSS

    Jeff Jones, Sr. Director/Trustworthy Computing
    Webcast URL ref:

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    Nice Info... I'm happy didn't spam us the 6 with those, I was way too sleepy after 2 weeks off
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    Oh dear, Considering they didn't release any in December, even though there was quite a few well documented bugs found in Internet Explorer, looks like we'd better get ready for quite a few :S

    Time to get my good ol SUS server ready for the mass of machines trying to connect to it.

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    Oh yea, looks like I'll be working late next week - yay.....

    I was actually surprised that none were released last month - I'm just hoping that we don't pay for that this month...
    - Maverick

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    Yeah, I'm worried that there will be a TON of patches as well given the skipped month and publicized IE vunls.

    Let's hope they did a good job of combining them.

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