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Thread: CD-Rom data reading PROBLEM!!!

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    CD-Rom data reading PROBLEM!!!

    Hi there ppl!! Perhaps this problem isn´t that much of a deal, but i´m really getting on my nervs with it.

    Here´s the thing:

    A few days ago, i decided to re-install my Windows XP Pro, and the two others Win server´s 2003 on my network, cause they were on almost 8 months working, and..a windows installation doesnt last more without we getting some kinda of sh**t** probs with it.
    So, i had to make a backup of the intire network, + 180 GB of data.
    But cause i didnt had enough hardrives to do it, i decided it was best for me to go CD-Rom, cheap and i tough..
    I made a backup of a few things to some hardrives, and others to ALOT of CD-Roms!
    For my "surprise" ( not really ) when i try to replace all my files to the servers, by copying the data from the CD-Roms to the disks, it´s says "error tranfering data..etc.. windows suc**k*s etc.. ), well..errors appear!!
    By the away the data consists on "movies, games, roms, etc.."..
    My point is, is there a away to extract the files to the hardrives? a program or something? I tried to make an ISO 28% of it, errors of tranfering data occours..

    I really need URGENT help on this!!

    Thanx alot 2 u All here on Antionline for a really great forum and comunity!


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    Try this, it may help with your cd data recovery
    BadCopy Pro - Comprehensive Data Recovery Utility for Floppy Disk, CD-ROM/CD-R/W, Digital Media and ZIP Disk.

    Features include Floppy Disk Repair, CD Data Recovery, Digital Camera Cards Images Rescue. Damaged or Lost Data Retrieval.

    BadCopy Pro
    Copyright (C) 1997-2003 Jufsoft
    Developer: Liang Ren
    Computer says no
    (Carol Beer)

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