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Thread: Loopback Address

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    Loopback Address

    can any one please help me with this . What is a loopback Address?


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    the address is reserved for loopback and is intended for testing TCP/IP and interprocess communication on the local machine.when any program uses loopback address as a destination the protocol software in the computer returns the data without sending traffic across the network. .

    Class A to
    Class B to

    note 127 is not a network address

    try to use google first . this is what i found with a google search

    Loopback address is a special IP number ( that is designated for the software loopback interface of a machine. The loopback interface has no hardware associated with it, and it is not physically connected to a network.

    The loopback interface allows IT professionals to test IP software without worrying about broken or corrupted drivers or hardware.

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    w0lverine is dead right about what it does, but the address should be and not

    Loop back addresses are also used with DNS controllers.

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    w0lverine is dead right about what it does, but the address should be and not
    no my friend 127. anything (often 1) is loopback adress

    there area few Special Address's

    all 0's (in net and host ) : this host

    all 0's in net and some host ID : host on this net

    all 1's : limited broadcast (local net)

    net add and all 1's in host add : directed broadcast for net

    127 and any thing(often 1) : loopback address

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    just to confirm so there is no confusion generated over tsunami's statement about it being

    Wolverine is correct in saying that it is 127 that is reserved for loopback (testing purposes) etc. so you could ping and it will still work althoughit will actually ping address.

    the lmhosts file has the entry in it for name resolution to local address aswell and you can change that if desired.

    however it is 127.x.x.x part fro the usual rules such as all o's or all 1's (255 etc).
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