Hey everyone,
while i was doing nothing(which is very unusual), a wild wild thought struck my head. you know, i was thinking about computer viruses, in the future perhaps, which can destroy not only software, but also damage the hardware in some way. like maybe blow up the monitor or cpu of the victim. and then i thought.
that can only happen if we can write programs which have PHYSICAL access over the hardware of a computer.
and then i thought... maybe we have some already. i know abt certain programs which are used for controlling cpu temperature etc etc. is it then possible to use something like these programs to do bizzare stuff.
like maybe increase the temp so much that the processor melts down n stuff. maybe even explode.
well if that happens, no one will probably use the internet ever again. rogue viruses that spread like fire and end in fire (lol)..
well thats almost as far as my wild and weird imagination went.
what do you think. how far does yours reach....?