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Thread: what questions to ask

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    what questions to ask

    i am entirely new to the computer world i got my box 4 yrs ago and started reading articles about security in computers only last year as net access was banned to me by my parents
    i cant figure out what kind of questions to ask here
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    Word of advice - read everything you can here - more than likely, if you are wondering about something, it's been discussed previously here.. A simple search of the forums will probably yield answers to any questions you may have... As far as what kind of questions to ask, if it pertains to info security (physical, remote access, patching, networking, etc.) and you haven't found information in a forum search, then any security question is fair game here - as long as it's not the standard "how to hack" approach that a fair number of users try to pull off... If you are here to learn, you will as long as you read, search, and post... More often than not, going through the forums and reading all security topics will yield knowledge for you...

    Search, then ask if nothing comes up... All security questions are welcome...
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    basically, the best thing you can do is first search the tutorials for basi computer security information... like firewall usage and stuff like that... tcp/ip is also a good one to learn about.... once you have the basics, i would just pick areas that interest me, things that i really want to know about and ask about them... i don't know what you want to get out of being here. you can go from a basic security stand point, an analysis stand point, a programming stand point, etc. there is no limit to the things in computers that you can learn about, esp here. there is a wealth of knowledge in all the fields here. so just pick some, and start reading and asking. but your first and best bet is to learn the basics... basic commands, basic protocol, learn about all that stuff first then you will have abetter idea how to make your box secure as well as learn what you are interested in.
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    And whaetever you read, try it out on an old box or your current computer, you'll learn better if you see what an article is talking about then just when you read it.

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