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Thread: Neutered Virii

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    Neutered Virii

    Was just thinking about my AVP - I have it set to auto-update and once a week or so I also do a manual just to make sure.
    But other than that it just sits there quietly doing its job....or at least I hope it is doing its job.

    I have yet to have a virus scare - ok so I try wherever possible to only download from a product manufactuers site.

    But how do we know if our AVP is working correctly without downloading some virii and checking?? But this opens up all kinds of risks

    thats why i was wondering is there such a thing as neutered virii?? virii which has had its sting removed
    it still contains the relevant structure to set off the alarms but cannot reproduce itself of cause damage to a computer.

    has anyone heard of such a thing before??


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    @ÞΜĮЙǐЅŦГǻţΩЯ D0pp139an93r's Avatar
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    Intersting idea.

    I've been on kazaa for the past few days, so I know my AV is wide awake. Damn thing went off every few minutes.

    Edit: I forgot to ask, why would there be a reason for the AV to not be working? This is getting me paranoid.
    Real security doesn't come with an installer.

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    D0pp139an93r there is no real reason why it shouldn't be working - but i just realised it has never really had a true _test_

    I just take it for granted that it is dooing its job when I can't say for sure that it is

    edit >> for example we test our firewalls by scanning ourselves to ensure they are doing their job correctly and keeping us stealthed but I have never given my AVP a work out.


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    Well, one reason it wouldn't be working would be because you've downloaded a virus that's disabled it

    But I think Val meant more as a test...just to be sure that it actually is ready and able to catch those viruses that it says it is able to.

    edit: Sorry, Val slipped in above me and said basically what I said.
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    No reasone to use a 'neutered' virus, as long as you dont execute the infected program. Simply find a executable you know to be infected and scan it. If it triggers your AV, its working.

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    Hi Val, there is a test virus out there called EICAR. This test string has been used for years to test virus software.

    The Eicar Test String is not a real virus. It is a text file that is used to test antivirus software. By default, the file name is

    You can get a copy of it HERE

    Hope this helps.


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    DjM - thanks for that just gave it a try and AVP picked up on it
    so at least I know now it is doing something - lol


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    Also Val, Create a VB Proggie and put in the string to bind it to run with every executable.

    Sub 7 start up one. Not published for obvious reason.

    Any av will detect this as w32.generic.

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    How about experimenting with real stingy virii? This is not as stupid as it sounds ....well maybe a bit. Put a bunch of virii in a floppy and have it scanned by your av software. Most likely they'll be zipped, or copy infected files on a TEST pc into a floppy and see if it will pick them up. I think EICAR is better though , less risky and more controlable.


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    If you know assembler, you can strip the infection routine and see what happens. There are many to choose from here:

    assemble, link and have fun.

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