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Thread: Spell Check

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    Spell Check

    I have only very recently been posting on AO, but I was wondering about the spell check program. I was wondering f maybe AO could use a browser based one, because on some computers (or OS's, I dont know which) it will freeze. I was just wondering if this could maybe be fixed.

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    there is one. Have you been using the quick reply? click the post reply button and look towards the bottom. there should be one.

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    To save time I sometimes will write a post in a word Processor (OK you got me MS Word) and spell check it then cut/copy and paste it into my post. Especially if it is going to be lengthy.
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    yea, gump (hahah.. dump!) has a good idea.. if my answer is longer than a 2 or 3 lines long, i pop up MS word, and typing away i go, then copy and paste and BAM! done! =D

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    The spell check doesn't work. It never has, and probably never will.
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    Originally posted here by Striek
    The spell check doesn't work. It never has, and probably never will.
    I tried the spell check here once and it crashed my browser (mozilla on slack i believe), once bitten twice shy.
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    I've been bitten by that bug myself a few times on IE and mozilla.. probably opera too.

    I'm not sure but it's probably been mentioned in oops a bug a few times.

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    wow I must be blind I never even noticed the spell check button before.
    I must need to get my glasses looked at.


    I just posted this so I could see what spell check button you were talking about.
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    there are also progs like this ->
    says it works with basically any windows prog so am assuming would work with your browser as well - I havn't tried it myself but it looks decent enough


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    I'm on IE v6 (latest patches, etc) and the spell checker has crashed it 4/4 times. Has it been posted in the bug forum before?

    As someone else mentioned, a word processor is your best option (well, unless its like 3 lines long -- anyone who's smarter than NFG should be able to pick up errors in that ).

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