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    I've been told to download WinPcap from here. I'm a little hesitant about this. Anybody know anything about this? Seems like it is kinda not on the level.

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    Yes, you can get that. That is required to do any packet sniffing for windows.
    Many places will refer you to that site. I and I'm sure almost everyone here has downloaded from there.

    Ethereal tells you to get it here too...

    The libpcap packet capture library, available for UNIX The Tcpdump Group, if it doesn't come as part of your OS; the Windows port, WinPcap, is available from the WinPcap Web site, as well as from the local mirror of that site or the mirror of that site. See that site for the links to the original site and mirrors.
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    I have downloaded that before, as phishphreek says, almost any of the packet sniffing programs for windows(open source ones that is) require it, and that is the site which you are directed to.

    There should not be any issue with it.

    The site is hosted by an italian university if that helps your confidence at all I forget which one, but I found out when I tried to download it about a year or so ago, and couldnt get it, turns out the university it was hosted at had a big fire.

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    It is always good to check the source of a download before actually doing it. Although there are definitely many bogus downloads out there. This one is cool.

    You generally don't have to worry if a reputable site (sourceforge, AO, whatever) tells you to download from a third party. But it is always a good idea to check it out first.
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