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Thread: looplabs - make your own music online

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    looplabs - make your own music online

    I saw this one and really freaked out.. (my first thought was "ennis is gonna love this")
    Even if you were never very musical to begin with, or even if you've never sat at a mixing console, you still can have loads of fun with this "toy".. when you get to the mixing console screen, you'll see a help button in the upper right to guide you on using the controls.. heh, you can even save your mix (upload to their server) or play back mixes that others have done. Only drawback I see so far is that they don't provide you with a means of saving your own mix. But if you have a mini stereo to dual rca out cable, you can run the cord from your lineout jack (of your sound card) to some recording device.. hmm.. or even maybe run it into another computer's sound card and make it into an mp3.. or whatever.. I thought about writing this up for a proper tut for the non-security section complete with all the help and suggestions for use.. or integrating it into some other apps for processing but I feel this is good enough right here..

    Go here to make your own music.. (flash)

    If anyone has suggestions on ways to save and further process the mix.. or has other useful music apps that might be of some use in this regard.. please post your suggestions.. thanks..

    now go make some noise... and while you're listening to that "noise"
    move your mouse around while visting this page..

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    To create beats and music i use Fruity Loops, to edit songs and make them better i sued Cool Edit Pro .

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    Well my works include Reason 2.5, Magic Music Maker 7 [got it mostly for loops], Recycle, Rebirth, Fruity Loops, Acid Pro 4.0, SoundForge 6.0, CubaseVST... although I mostly use ACID and Reason for their advanced capabilities and whatnot.

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    Woot! Best link ever!

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    I am in the process of learning Buzz Machines. Not in anyway close to as nice as any of the other loop music makers mentioned here. But free

    BTW, this has to be the most confusing program to make good music on. Not very point-'n-clicker friendly... You build your entire song from the ground up, all patterns, what order they are in, effects processors and how their configuration changes over time... At least there are a lot of things to choose from, but configuring each and every generator's patterns and stuff take a lot of the fun out of the process...

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