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Thread: Cracking VNC Passwords

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    Cracking VNC Passwords

    RealVNC is a much used and pretty secure program as far as remote attacks go as long as a strong password is set. But it's only as secure as the computer its on

    Its password is stored locally and is very easily cracked.

    To illustrate this I used a program called x4 which is made spcefically for decoding vnc paswords.

    after i set the password to "my_pass" (so i can put back my real password when im finished) i retrieve it from the registry where it is stored in hexadecimal format


    password b8 1e ac 6a ed f4 36 30

    After starting the program using the -W flag for 'windows interactive' each pair of charecters gets entered one at a time until all eight are entered

    C:\Pwd>x4 -W
    Entered HEX String: b8 1e ac 6a ed f4 36 30
    VNC Password: my_pass


    The decrypted password immeditally appears.

    Do not use vnc on a computer where others that you shouldn't trust have access to it and change the password often. Also keep in mind that the registry is accessable to anyone who gains a remote shell on your computer so keep it patched and firewalled. In earlier version vnc was vulnerable to session hi-jacking and although thats been fixed a weak password can still be brute forced.
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    That's just another reason to tunnel it through ssh

    It doesn't change the fact that it uses weak password algorithms though. Try it on tightvnc if you have the chance.
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