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Thread: "Last edited at..." not showing on some posts?

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    "Last edited at..." not showing on some posts?


    Over the last few weeks i have been noticing that the User last edited this message on.. hasnt been displaying on some edited posts. For example, my post here.

    Not really "important", but its better than relying on users to put "EDIT:" in their posts to know it has been updated.


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    I'm thinking that since this has happened to me, if you make an edit within like maybe 5 minutes of the original post, I think that it doesn't come up as edited? I don't know the exact duration, but I have edited quite a few posts shortly after posting and not have the "Last Edited" thing.

    Edit 1 - Test
    Edit 2 - (Didn't show up for #1)
    Edit 3 - (Not for #2 - about 1 min so far)
    Edit 4 - 2 min...

    Done: I guess the time is 3 min, it said last edited at xx:21

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    Ah, cool. Thanks. Does anyone know why it does that? So you can fix spelling and the like, i imagine, but yeah.

    Also, could anyone tell me *why* you cannot edit a post 1440 min after posting? I just dont see why that restriction is in place.

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    Abtronic.. there's been suggestions made in the past about getting rid of the 1440 minute limit.
    It's been brought up a few times.. especially in regard to one being able to edit a tutorial done and additions needed to be added in. I think that we should be able to edit them (way after ) the fact but JP didn't then and JupM now doesn't think so .. I guess they thought it would be unwise.. here is what I think is a senerio that wanted to be avoided..

    1. member posts a good tut.. (or other info)
    2. member gets banned
    3. member then tries to delete his/her info
    4. info might still be valuable
    5. no edits after said period.

    been there.. seen this happen at other places.. that's my take..

    btw.. i think the edited by (wait time) should be increased to 10 minutes as I'm a SLOW typist and make MANY mistakes.. & the darn spell check doesn't work so get it outta here.

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