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Thread: remote desktop

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    Look at VNC, its halfway what you are looking for...and it's source is out there for all to see..
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    Heres what Ive got goin so far, i got a client and a server, pretty much taken from book and changed, and the source from gothic types post for the screenshot. What I can do is get the server to take the screenshot when it recieves a certain command from the client, but I don't know how to send the file from the server, to the client. Everything I have found to do this requires setting up ftp or something crazy. Any Ideas?

    Attached, screenshot, client, server .class and .java's

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    Once you have a server set up, you can send data back and forward between the connection (otherwise, how would the client send the server that "certain" command?). I've not done any socket programming in java yet, but if I get some time either tomorrow or in the next few days, I'll write something basic (after learning it first :P).

    Thanks for posting the code anyhow, cause it gives me some socket code to learn. You need to actually change the screenshot code, though (well, you don't need to, I guess). I just gave it as an example of a method for taking a screeny.

    You should write your own class so that you only need to do something like:

    ScreenShot screenShot = new ScreenShot();
    screenShot.take("optional filename"); // or something like that. perhaps some way to send the screenshot directly through the socket instead of first storing it as a file. But that could be done after a working model was created.

    The reason I'm still suggesting that you write your own remote desktop application is not for any security reason. Just because someone doesn't have your code, doesn't mean they couldn't figure out how a relatively simple app works. It's just because I think it would be interesting and would be worthwhile learning-wise (for me as well :P).

    Anyhow...enough blethering.


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    I have advanced what I got from you on IRC to where the server will take a screenshot, then send it to the client where it is saved in the same directory where you are running the client as out.png. I will attach what I have done. There will be three .java files, and three .class files which are the .java files I have already compiled. you do not have to run takescreen at all, when you run ReverseServer it uses takescreen. So to make it work, all you do is go to the directory you unzip the files, and type the following:
    java ReverseServer
    that starts the server, but your path must be set to include the stuff from the java sdk, which you can get from
    that starts the server, and the server only accepts one connection then exits its run, but that can be easily modified.
    then you run the client to connect to the server by typing:
    java ReverseClient host
    host would be the ip of where the server was running, so if it were the same computer, it could be:
    java ReverseClient
    That connects to the server and sends it a string "Hello" which for now initializes the screenshot and file send. you can also modify this to include your own input to set off the screenshot and send. There's still a lot of work to get to an actual remote desktop server, but I think this should get you over a hump. I enjoyed working on it, thanks for posting.

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    thanks tigershark for pointing out gencontrol. dont know how i missed the post to begin with but ive been loving it every day since your post.

    can't wait for the auditors to show up j/k

    BTW this can work with win98. ms has a download for the rpc/dcom components necessary for a 9x box. havn't had occasion to use it but they have it
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