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Thread: How can I configure LILO.....

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    How can I configure LILO.....

    Hei dear.....

    I installed Redhat Linux 6.2 on my PC. I have allreday WindowsXP & WindowsME is running on system with boot menu.... Now I want to add Linux booting prompt in my menu. how??????
    I am runing Linux with boot floppy and its runing in GUI mode from floppy. I try to configure LILO in linux(Linuxconf), but I can't its only comming boot menu for WindowsXP&ME not for Linux.........Plese send me ur sugessions...Thanks
    Hello Dear..

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    As there is no need to recreate the wheel, I will post links as I find them to assist you in your Redhat 6.2 dual boot with XP, rather than attempt to say what these documents already explain better. Naturally, I recommend grub to dual boot all of your systems, since it is very easily configured and compatible with many OS platforms. Enjoy!

    Using Lilo and/or Grub instead of the XP/2k bootloader: <-- this one is for 2k, but there are many reports that it is the exact same process and success with XP.

    Using the xp/2k bootloader:

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    hmmm. amazing that jp's similar threads feature didn't work with this version of your title but I'll copy the relevant info I said in your duplicate post to here.. so if a mod deletes it you still have what I said...

    "How to Config Lilo" by tyger_claw..

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