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Thread: Tech a.k.a CreativeMx threatens AO lol

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    Tech a.k.a CreativeMx threatens AO lol

    Incarnate is someone you can trust, you can trust her more then you could trust anyone of those wankers over at ANTIONLINE... the only thing that she did at AO was be friendly to everyone, always willing to help others and would stand up for herself when she knew she was right...
    Now because AO's are a bunch of Faggots just like the founder of the site is (JP)..
    They went on a wild witch hunt and started throwing accusations around about NFG, and those accusations are false and not true..
    And how could AO be a respected site when i within 10 minutes social enginereed there Administrator into giving me account details to over 20 members at that site..??/
    They say they know this and that about computer security but it just goes to show that they are easy targets..

    It's a wonder why that site has been the victim of so many hacks over the years..
    And they will soon suffer another one.


    t3ch kr3w r0073d a0..

    look out for this message coming soon to "that" respected site...
    Oops i meant "That" UNRESPECTED SITE
    This was taken froma conversation from this website:

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    I visited the site. Very interesting. Especially when I found [ulr=""]this[/url]

    I am Ankit Fadia,I Myself Is Sachin.
    This explains a lot to me about this site.
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    Umm arn't Tech Krew a hacking group?
    i am pretty sure i saw something about them at or something. not to sure on the link it was a fair while back.

    Umm they said i should put my signature here.
    And now all i got is a heap of White Out on the Monitor..

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    Oh god, they linked attrition, LMFAO.
    Like, do they not look at the dates on some of those pages??
    Chris Shepherd
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    For the love of everythin g thats nice and fuzzy in this world can we PLEASE just let the whole damned thing with NFG and creative (anyway you spell it) just die. Im tired of hearing about it and **** like this doesnt belong in GCC. Some nooB wanders in see's this kind of stuff and then decides they dont want to belong to this forum when them might actualy contribute something unlike this crap.

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    Originally posted here by chsh
    Oh god, they linked attrition, LMFAO.
    Like, do they not look at the dates on some of those pages??

    It doesn't matter Chris, stupidity doesn't have an expiration date

    I spent awhile reading that site's pretty funny.
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    heh so they're gonna hack AO(!?)
    kinda ironic when their own site is vunerable to cross scripting attacks

    they might want to ensure their own security before making idle threats to other people.


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    not just cross site scripting

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    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.
    The AntiOnline effect perhaps?
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