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Thread: Another virus supposedly from m$!

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    Another virus supposedly from m$!

    Just a heads up.

    Trojan.Xombe is a Trojan horse that has at least two components: a 4,096 byte downloader and a 27,136 byte Trojan. The downloader component will retrieve the Trojan file from a predetermined Web site.

    The download component has been distributed in an unsolicited email, purporting to be a security update for Windows XP, sent by Microsoft.

    The email has the following characteristics:

    Subject: Windows XP Service Pack 1 (Express) - Critical Update.
    Attachment: winxp_sp1.exe(4,096 KB)
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    If anyone happens to have an email from this, please copy and paste the entire email here (headers included) so I could read over it as well as run it through some checks with the originating ISP? Of course it isn't MS that sent it, but little by little the creator is being tracked down. Thanks in advanced!

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