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Thread: We've added a new forum and changed the order a bit!

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    We've added a new forum and changed the order a bit!

    We just added a new forum in the General Technology section devoted to Operating System issues, and we've also changed the order of the forums, and moved a couple from one section into another. This was done to make the forums more topical, and make it easier to know where to place specific topics!

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    Excellent. Now General Chit Chat can be only General Chit Chat and not have questions mixed in . Thanks for the new forum.

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    Thanks intmon, the reordering should please a lot of people adding a more security related focus for AO. Plus the new forum is a very good idea when you consider the amount of OS questions in GCC.

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    I think the OS forum is a good Idea.

    A lot of times theres question about an operating system and the only place to put it is GCC Microsoft Security Discusions or *nix discussions.


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