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Thread: Good traffic monitor

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    Good traffic monitor

    Am looking for a good freeware traffic monitor for my PC
    running win98se with limited resources so the less resource hungry the better

    also if any knows of a good reg monitor would be gratefull as well


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    Freeware, lightweight, and packed full of monitoring features.

    edit: I know it doesn't say 98se, but I read the reports and reviews and no one had a problem with it.

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    thanks pooh sun tzu will give it a try


    edit>> just tried to install it on 98se but it doesn't work - thanks anyways

    anyone else got any ideas??

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    Man, too bad it didn't work. I'll see if I can report it to that site that despite other users opinions, it is not working on other win98 SE machines. I'll keep an eye open, but it may involve more than just a monitoring device since win98 (or xp for that matter) doesn't sniff packets in the way I think you are wanting. No worries

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    I found these I hope they are what you are looking for
    Net Activity Diagram 1.1.90
    and here

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    TCPView works fine for me. You can download it from


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    Yes, TCP View is what I use... and its great! I once caught some spyware trying to use the net with it... Its a very handy tool

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    Thanks for the help guys


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    You can use Regmon 6.06 from

    Very nice tools can be found there, this one to monitor the registry is under 80 kb.

    Or where you looking for a utility to watch certain keys and alert you on a change?
    $pak = me;

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    I wasnt sure about starting a new thread for this question, so i'll just quickly ask here -- what exactly is the difference between a traffic moniter and a packetsniffer? I always assumed they were the same thing.


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