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Thread: Cisco Router Passwords

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    Question Cisco Router Passwords

    Is there a way of defeating the password on a Cisco router via telnet of something other than using the console port?

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    Sure, probably. Just prove it is yours.

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    Yes, and no.

    You, my friend... need to read up a bit.

    SecurityFocus HOME Infocus: Exploiting Cisco Routers: Part 1
    SecurityFocus HOME Infocus: Exploiting Cisco Routers: Part 2

    There is more material out there... but start with this, and then do some searching.
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    2600 magazine published on article on this last year. Cisco routers are designed to route until they can route no more. So if a router were flooded with traffic it would disable others services before it disabled it's routing. It does leave a quasi-"backdoor" though. Admins can log into a "safe mode" to shut down a router gone crazy. The password for the safe mode is the default password for the router.

    I don't want to give it all away, but I think this is a good start. If you need some more hints, let me know.

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    Thanks for the tips, I'm taking the CCNA course at school, so all the routers are Cisco brand, so i figured I would make the class more interesting, setting up an access control list or something, good stuff, thanks alot

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    in nessus there is an option to scan for Cisco vulnerabilities and others for brute forcing.

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    Hey There, im new to this forum i just registered haha. well i took the CCNA class last year as well. During the course you learn how to "crack" the cisco router passwords while sitting at the terminal for it. And i can't remeber for sure if you can telnet to use this method to crack the password, for you need to restart the computer and change some registry values. its not hard, but dont beleive you would be able to do it while using telnet. but it has been a little bit since i did that lol.

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    If you have physical access to the router you can always do the 'password recovery' thing.
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