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Thread: 'You are too fat to have a Whopper'

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    'You are too fat to have a Whopper'

    Police believe teenage pranksters are hacking into the wireless frequency of a US Burger King drive-through speaker to tell potential customers they are too fat for fast food.

    Policeman Gerry Scherlink said the pranksters told one customer who had just placed an order: "You don't need a couple of Whoppers. You are too fat. Pull ahead."

    The offenders are reportedly tapping into the wireless frequency at the restaurant in Troy, Michigan. Police believe the culprits are watching and broadcasting from close range.

    Officer Scherlinck said the men are telling customers who order a Coca-Cola that, "We don't have Coke." And when the customer asks what they do have, the hacker would say: "We don't have anything. Pull ahead."

    But what has managers concerned is the profanity the hackers are using, according to police.

    A drive-through customer has told police if he had children with him in the car and someone used profanity, he would have been upset.

    Burger King franchise owner Tony Versace issued the following statement in response to the incidents: "We apologise to our customers who've been insulted by the use of this drive-through speaker."

    Management at the fast-food restaurant are reportedly trying to change the radio frequency used for the speakers, reports Local 4.


    Ya know, with the law suits going on if they just stopped at telling people they're too fat it might have been funny becase some folks would have belived it was policy but these kids deserve a beating
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    Gore lives in Michigan.

    Hey do ya think??


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    BWAHAHA... I'm sorry. The swearing aside, this is funny. You gotta admit that sometimes you see people who are lamenting "Oh.. I just can't seem to lose weight.. it's just so hard.. I don't know.. oh.. yes.. you want my order.. Ok.. Supersized double whopper with everything on, extra mayo, extra ketchup, extra cheese and extra bacon. Supersized fries with gravy and supersized coke, no ice. Oh wait. Make it a diet coke" ... you just want to go over and say "Your too fat to eat here!"

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    I think the same as you cheyenne, if i remember corerectly he said something about this same thing in his latest Bastard System Admin it hink. Or somewhere. hmmmmmm

    found it

    I grab the drive through head set I stole from a fast food restaurant a few months ago and we drive by the KFC again. I park a block away and turn on my headset. Right away I hear an order being taken.

    “Could I have my combo upsized? And then I cut in: sir did you want that **** sized? The customer gasps and drives off angry. I hear the managers flying about the place and trying to see what is going on.

    Another order comes up and I take it. The customer wants a combo #7 and I tell them no. they ask why not and I say “Because you sound ****ing stupid” The manager is on in a fly.

    Please do not listen to that! Someone is playing on our headsets in the parking lot.

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    I am a fat bastard and like

    Supersized double whopper with everything on, extra mayo, extra ketchup, extra cheese and extra bacon. Supersized fries with gravy and supersized coke, no ice
    Thanks for the idea MsMittens. When I am done I can jiggle my fat ass and you can see a heart attack afterwards.

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    I'm sorry, but I'm with MsMittens on this one. I laughed all the way thru that article.
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    this is hysterical... but i thought you from the title you were going to talk about the car that says you are too fat for fast food (it wieghs you in the drivers seat and says "YOU"RE OVER WIGHT)
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    Originally posted here by cheyenne1212
    Gore lives in Michigan.

    Hey do ya think??

    LOL... How many of us can put Gore into this? I can.
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    LOL. I'v never done it to burger king yet. I do go to KFC and do it at least every few months though. It's pretty easy. I never said anyone was to fat to have a whopper, but I did ask one customer asking to upsize the order "Sir, did you say you'd like to **** size that?" He got pissed and drove away though.

    It's easy to do and hard to get caught. The manager lady flipped out though.

    This is a log from an AIM convorsation I had with my cousin, Chris is a friend of mine that drove around pissing himself laughing while I figured out a way into their head sets:

    Me: Today, I woke up and called Chris and he was like ok Im on my way, he got here and picked me up and we went and parked in the KFC parking lot with the headsets I ganked from work last night, and we could hear them talking to a customer

    Me: Well, the A button didnt do anything, which at Wendys the A button talks to the customer outside and everyone with a headset on can hear it, the C button didnt seem to do much, but the B button

    Me: The B button let me talk to everyone with a headset on AND the customer, I heard a guy ordering a #7 from KFC and I said "A number 7" and hes like Yes, I was like woot it works!

    Me: So we went and picked up Chris's hot GF, and shes looking at my CDs and shes like OHHH! ACID BATH! and Im like whoa! And so we go back by KFC, and we drive passed and I hear them taking an order and the guy says he wanted to up size his combo, and im like sir you wanted to **** size your combo?

    And the lady flips on the headset, the managers like "OH NO! SIR SOMEONE IS PLAYING ON OUR HEADSETS, PLEASE IGNORE THAT!

    Me :And then they say I think there in a parking lot and I answer back, no were driving around

    Me: Then I ask the cutomer if they wanted some crack with there chicken

    Me: And then this lady was in the drive through ordering chicken and Im like you dont want that **** burger you want MY ****

    Me: and I was like hey you wanna see my penis?

    Me: and the manager was like yea bring it on up im at the back door

    Me: and im like sorry man im not much of a back door man

    And then Shes all like quit ****ing doing that! im trying to do my job! if you dont stop ill call the cops, you want me to do that?

    GoreFeendKlub: And im like "Bitch please this is a radio signal, how the **** do you think there gunna find us? you can trace it IF you called the coast gaurd and they can only trace it within a FEW MILES and we aint doin nothing wrong, your ****in restaraunt doesnt own this frequency so shut up

    Me: she was PISSED

    Me: We did it for like 2 hoursAt this point my cousin was pissing himself laughing. Then he realised the signs I made. I stole this signs idea from the PLA, they says "Sing happy Birthday to the girl at the window for a free meal!!! Today only!!!! -Management"

    Me and my friend parked at a bar across the street from KFC and messed with them some more. They said we know you're outside in the parking lot. Me seeing a blue van with old ladies in it, I say "Yes, we are in the blue van, aren't we funny?"

    They run out and bum rush the van and make the old ladies jump up. LOL Don't even say I was being mean either because me, and half the co workers ****ing pissed themselfes laughing.

    Like 2 weeks later I went again. This time I started out with "Help me!!! I'm locked in the freezer!!!!!!"

    5 Minutes later, I hear "Cindy there is no one in the freezer"

    After laughing at the fact that I actually got them to go in there, I said "I'm in the corner freezing to death you dumb bitch come find me!!!!"

    Then the manager flips out and starts bitching hw we have nothing better to do that bother them. My smart ass button hits system overload and I'm like "Don't act like I'm not giving you something to go home and talk about besides the ******* customers asking for extra ice or something".

    Then I watch from across the street as like 4 ****ing employees walk around the outside looking for us.

    I said "I can seeee yooooouuuuu!!!!!! Quit looking for us!"

    the manager at this point is fuming. She starts going on how she's calling the cops and **** and I'm like, no you're not I tapped your phones like 3 hours ago. She FLIPS out and starts screaming how she will call the phone company. I laughed and said go ahead.

    This is like one of the most fun things in the world when you'v been ripped off by fast food.

    For example, Wendy's has pretty much fired me for no reason. I havn't done anything wrong, but I am no longer working there because the owner hates me. You can only imagine what's going to happen there this weekend.

    The owner kisses every customers ass, so watching her react to a customer being told to **** off and eat taco bell should be good fun. For the record, KFC did manage to call the police from a cell phone.

    It was funny, the cops drove right by us on the way their. We didn't let that stop us though. Not like the cop can do much. It's not like we threatened anyone. All we did was make me, my friends, a few co workers, and a few customers, laugh.

    and I'm NOT driving all the way to Troy Michigan for something I can do here to a restaraunt that deserves it by ****ing the workers out of money. Wendy's pays NO overtime, and steals money from employees. I hav't brought any legal action into this because well, quite frankly, a multi billion dollar corporation won't be bothered by paying me a grand or so in back pay, but losing customers and having to try to explain that they ****ed over the wrong employee and that is why this is happening is WAY more fun.

    It's REALLY easy to break into these head sets. everyone always says that they stole headsets but that's not true. A modified police scanner and hand held wallkie talkies work fine. And so do head sets from ANY restaraunt after you play with them.


    Nevermind, I have Heh, forgot a few times. Oh well. I don't swear at the customers, except for that one **** size order, and the rest is just fun. If they don't like it they can learn to treat employees with the same ****ing respect they expect us to give those customers who swear at us WAY more than I did in my fast food revenge plot.

    It sickens me they call this hacking though.....I think I know what I'm going to say when I get Burger King. And to any fast food managers reading this:

    Blow me.

    Hitler bastards. Treating everyone you hire like ****, for **** pay. You should have expected this.

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    Only Gore.

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