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Thread: how to change ip address

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    Exclamation how to change ip address

    i have a buddy who works with me and he got kicked off a web site, they banned his ip address on his computer. well there is 15 computers all on a lan to a dsl. ever computer here is also band on that web site. so there must be a commen ip address shared right?
    i've tryed ipconfig/release/renew. how in the world do you change such a number?

    any help please!

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    call DSL and request a new one.

    I'm in a hurry but i found this really quick

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    spoof your mac address, and then release and renew and you may get a new ip , if not you must do as memory says.
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    A quicker approach would be to simply to use an anonymous proxy which will mask up your banned IP on the site and let you view it. Otherwise get your ISP to change it.


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