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Thread: Password in Windows XP

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    Password in Windows XP

    ellow guys just out of curiousity?!?!? my friend ask me this one and i told him taht the location of al those password in the computer is in the registry and 3ted as hidden filesbut i wanna know were is the exact location of the password in the windows XP, I find out that it is in the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control]PwdProvider\ and there are 3 other folder but doing some digging at the google i got confused of it some told that it is for the screen saver password and others, what puzzle me is were is those password that we use like in the microsft word when we protect the document.. and the password on the different user... and another thing do the computer convert it into a binary or hexa...

    maybe others can give some info or a links ..... thanks

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    So which password file are you looking for? Screensaver? MS Word? Or the actual user lists?

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    What the hell is that word? My leetspeak super translator just laughed at me....right before it went up in flames from steelprophets posts.

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    I think it means treated.. but hell, how would I know??
    I blame you cos my mind is not my own, so don't blame me if I trespass in your zone!

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    sometimes it really annoys me when people are too lazy to write the whole thing...its ok like gtg, afk, brb or something but some **** is really confusing and gives us a hard time figuring the mess out

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    3ted, 2day, 2morrow...a rampant word abbreviation practice in our country (Phil.) Originated from text messages (another rampant practice here) people tried compressing words to minimize the text messaging costs..funny but thats how we adjust to our poverty infested third world country.

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    thats how we adjust to our poverty infested third world country.
    ok but ppl can afford a mobile phone? I thought these abbreviations were to speed up the typing of the message, drop un needed vowels etc..

    So I know 2day is today.. but 3ted is that "threeted" "Eted" ahhh "treated" ("tree-ted").. ahhh got it.. Read the BLOODY HOW TO POST FAQ... Geez.. Ok sorry.. bad mood.. Inglish is not the first lang.. ooops English is not the first Language.. BUT "SMS-a-lese" is not my first language.. "Techn-a-lese" is mine..

    Well XP won't store its own passwords in the registry..

    The Files are ENCRYPTED and Stored in another file.. now a question was asked as to what sort of password you are talking about.. that will determine which file the password is stored..

    Do a google on SAM and that will give you more information than I can here

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