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Thread: Windows XP update problems

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    Windows XP update problems

    Hi, I am totally new to this forum (happy to have found it), so please bear with me. I am having problems with updating my OS (Windows XP - Home Edition). Whenever I try to update, the update scan freezes at 0% and I get the following message: "Windows is looking for available updates...0%". I tried to follow the trouble-shooting advice from Microsoft, but it never worked. I used to be able to update my OS without any trouble. All my other updates (Symantec, NVidia etc) work just fine.

    I would very much appreciate any suggestions that might solve my problem. Right now I depend on 'packaged' updates that Microsoft offers so very few and far between. Thank you.

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    Let me be the first to welcome you to AO, and I hope you enjoy these forums as much as I have As for your problem, a few primer questions:

    1. What browser are you using to update with?

    2. Has the upgrade worked before?

    3. Have you recently changed any security settings in IE?

    4. Are you running a firewall?

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    G'day Krkavec, I had a similar problem a while back updating my xp pro.
    My firewall was asking me to allow or something like that to
    access the internet. Not knowing Micro$oft were using, i
    denied access and when i scanned for updates it froze just like you said.
    Are you using a firewall? and if so and it is asking to allow akamai, if it is
    allow this access and hopefully your problem will be solved. Worked for me,
    If this doesn't help don't hesitate to ask as many questions as needed, as
    there are many here with the knowledge and time to help out, sorry i couldn't
    be of more help, i'm still on my L plates too. cheers TidaLphasE23.....

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    Hi guys, thank you for your swift reply. Here is some additional info that might somewhat clarify....

    1) My browser is IE6.0 (last update Q824145)
    2) The upgrade used to work just fine a few months ago. I had to formate and re-install my Windows a few months back and ever since the re-installation, the upgrade wouldn't work. Could it be the reason?
    3) My security settings are set to 'Medium' default (not too smart, I guess)
    4) I am behind a firewall (University server), but that shouldn't be the problem. Other users connected to the same server can update.
    5) Strange enough, when I try to update from (Czech Republic), the update freezes at 33% and not at 0% (when using the default .com URL).

    Thank you for welcoming me here. I've always been looking for this kind of place. Guess I found it at last.

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    Have you customised your IE settings as WindowsUpdate does need ActiveX controls to be enabled?
    You can check this under Tools->Internet Options->Security->Custom Level.
    There are 5 options listed under 'ActiveX controls and plugins' starting with 'Download Signed ActiveX controls'.
    I'd recommend you set these to 'Prompt', 'Disable', 'Disable', 'Prompt' and 'Prompt' respectively. You should then see WindowsUpdate prompting you if you wish to run ActiveX, which in this case you do.
    Also, ru sure that the version of WindowsUpdate you have installed is correct?

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    Gentlemen, thank you for your advices. The problem seems to be either something with my Internet connection or the firewall, since the update worked just fine when I updated via dial-up. Thank you.

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