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Thread: A Very baffler Matter

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    Question A Very baffler Matter

    Hi Folks,

    I just want to know how to download a particular exe program
    If you have both the IP and the name of this program,,,,or {the address of the exe}??????
    This exe is a course and they put it, as an online access {on-line course}
    somehow,,,, some guys downloaded it,,, so they are taking the course
    Anyone can help me with this??????
    I'd be greatfull,,,,,

    Thanks In Advance.

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    ? -&gt; type it in your browser -&gt; (if http protocol):
    I'm a bit confused about this, it's that obvious I must have misunderstood your question.
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    I tried the way you mentioned, but it tends to display the course not to download it!
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    what kind of application is it . is it web page or a embadded java applet what exactly are you talking about
    could you give the course URL

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    Once the course is displayed try File - SaveAs ?

    Just a thought
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    you could try using a download manager, just type the address into it and it`ll download the file. Its more likely though to be imbedded into a web page so you`ll have to do a bit of digging around in the source code for the page.

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    You could have the person who downloaded it put it on a disk for you. If its a flash media, right click on it and see if u could save it. Taking the course offline...hmm...i dont think thats a smart thing to do and it will get you in trouble with the proffesors. Is this a college course? If it is, they could fail you. Your proffesor gets a log showing who signed on, at what time and for how long. Is it just a reading course or do you have to answer questions?

    Also, you could take a look at the source code of the website, and see if you can find any links leading where the file might be located "ftp/http". Try to make an FTP connection to the website. I'm guessing you need a userID and password to get into the website in the first place. The same username/password could work for the FTP connection (if they want students to have access to it). I doubt an anonymous connection would be possible.


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    It's a java applet,,, I afraid, I can't give you the course's URL, since it needs a username and password.


    I Tried a plenty of download managers,,,, but no satisfactory results were found,,, If you have any specific one I'd be greatful.


    No,,, I don't want them to put the course on a CD or anything else!,, I just want to know how to do?
    Actually, yeah it's an academic cours and it is merely a reading course, no questions to answer were included.
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    Follow the advice given earlier.. view the source for the page.. you may be able to d/l the extra file,, probably find the parts in your temp internet (assume Windoze O/S).. If your classmates have done it then it would be that simple..
    Or just get a website-Ripper.. it they aren't techno.. then tha is probably how they did it..

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    The chance of dispalying the source code of the page is impossible, because it {the course} displays in a blank window,,, I don't know how the IT team did it, they did the job well.

    So, what I was about,, is a cool tool that done this task,,,, and as I mentioned previously, I've tried a plenty of programs,,,, Und3rtack3r If you have any idea or a specific program I'd be greatful,,,,
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