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Thread: Free ISP's-I need some advice

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    Free ISP's-I need some advice

    Does anyone have any experience with free ISP's? Im looking for free or real cheap. I currently use my grandparents computer and they love AOL and are comfortable with it and they will not change. I am getting my box out of storage and I will be using my own ISP so i dont have to use GayOL. Any suggestions? How are they as far as security?


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    I used freenet(?) a long time ago, but as far as security, I don't remember. Basically though, you get what you pay for. Since you want to pay $0, expect 0.

    Since you neglected to mention where you live, and free ISP's are generally regional, put the following search into Google

    "free isp <your location>" and see what you get. Then if you find one ot two, further your research by putting the following in Google (for example) "Netzero complaints" or "Netzero discussions" and see what you come up with. (I only used Netzero because I can't think of any other free ISP's off the top of my head.)

    so i dont have to use GayOL's better than what you have, which is what? Oh yeah, nothing...

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    Hi pal!

    All ISPs are fundamentally is up to us

    I don't like AOL...............I have my reasons........and evidence

    I would say that any free ISP is as good as another........just look for connection speed and uptime?


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    In the US.. besides juno and netzero (both now run under United online, UOL) the only free ones are run by affinitypath partners.. you have to click and buy stuff to continue to get free internet. DON'T go with an affinitypath partner one.. you won't be happy. I know quite a bit about free internet.. I've not paid for a connection in well over three years. Feel free to pm me if you want to know more about free ones..

    The best source of information on ISP's (and the main page of this place does cover other countries but it's not up to date) on the net is a place called freedomlist. Their forums at has info on just about every ISP that there is.. The first thread you should vist is this one..
    The list you find under that thread should keep you busy for a week..

    there is one good inexpensive one called poetworld it's run by a guy (i sorta know) that decided to started his own isp. One of our members here works for a small isp.. I don't know if it would cover your area but you could give him a shout.. maybe he can get you an employee discount.. hehe.. should I say his name ? gee, I hope he don't neg me to death for this.. lol.. ok it's aeallison.

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    Well, first of all, I'm going to say that AOL is probably better than most of the free ISP's you will incounter. Now, mind you, that isn't fact. It's more my opinion with a touch of common sense. I would say if you want a good ISP, without ads, and fast without slow downs, you're going to have to go pay. It's not like they're that much money now anyways.



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    Sorry folks, I should have made myself clearer

    My comments on AOL refer to England specifically.

    We have quite a few "free" ISPs because you pay for the telephone connection, and the telcos pay the ISP. Like it is only local rate or cheap national rate, but that is where the money comes from.

    As I understand it, local calls in the USA are free? so ISPs have to charge to survive?

    I was a contented AOL customer for about 4 years, then they screwed up big time over here.


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    MB.. I beg to differ, my free connections are WAY better than aohell.
    Do you know what that software does do some peoples TCP/IP stack ? "corruption"
    one phrase comes to mind.. "once it's there, there's no going back."
    I must of have to reinstall networking for over 30 computers for folks around me after they tried to go with some other isp and found that aol's stuff screwed them up.
    The REAL key to choosing an isp.. for me, would be access numbers.. granted aol
    might have more local numbers but I've found that with some of my connections I can use various isp backbone providers.. (uunet, quest, genuity, sprint and worldcom,which provides most of the msn access points) In the end, it's the ability to GET connected and STAY connected that indicates what a good isp is.

    edit : heh.. wouldn't you know it.. i got disconnected while trying to edit this post
    but I had been connected for 6 hrs, so that's not too bad..

    edit #2: I guess I should of mentioned and dotnow.. I gave up on them mostly years ago.. here's a page that also shows a few more.. I haven't checked them all out but if they're affinity related be careful.

    there's also a provider in near Boston Ma that offers a free straight dun, I'll try to dig up a link for that later.

    btw, MB.. I have no ads.. full bandwidth.

    edit # 3:
    that provider in Massachusetts is
    a staff member of freedialup posted in a thread at freedomlist.
    they also added a few neighboring states.. I'll quote from their page is a complimentary dialup service from G4 Communications, an ISP provides high speed Internet access lines, web hosting services, server collocation and wholesale services including dialup service. Currently G4 service area includes Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. This service is made possible due to excess capacity on our modem pools as well as to support our local community where we do business.

    Using this free service is very easy: Find a modem access number from the numbers list. Setup a new dialup networking connection. Use any name, any password to connect.

    We have a few restrictions. First we blocked access to SMTP (Outgoing Mail Server) port, so you can not use your email client to send mail. This is because we don't want any spammers abusing our service. You can still receive your pop3 emails. We suggest using a web based email. Your CALLER ID information should not be blocked. If you abuse this service, your phone number will be denied access.
    Please remember this is a free service, so there is no technical support. We offer this service AS IS, use it at your own risk! By using this service, you bound to our Terms and Conditions. Please read it before you use this service, and if you don't agree, DON'T USE IT!
    access #'s available are :


    New Hampshire:

    Rhode Island:

    So if you're lucky enough to live up near beantown.. free surfing..

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