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Thread: hard drive problem

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    hard drive problem

    my hard drive just recently crashed. my processor is pentium 133, is it possible that this processor can handle a 10 gig hard drive?

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    The answer is yes, and it has nothing to do with your CPU.

    It is possible that the BIOS on your motherboard won't fully support a 10Gb hard drive, but even so that won't cause the hard drive to crash - it's just that you won't be able to use the entire hard drive (in your case you may only be able to see 8.24 Gb).

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    darkes is right.. your cpu type won't have any cause of hard drive failures..
    mechanical parts are always the most likely to fail.. heat is also a contributing factor. To a lesser extent, power supply noise (or power spikes) weakens, then can destroy electronic components.

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    I have a Digital venturis 5133. PI/133Mhz and it currently supports a 60Gig and a 12Gig drive.

    The BIOS didn't though and only "saw" the 12 Gig drive as 8.45Gb. I went to the new drive manufacturer's site and got their installation software and then used this to install both drives correctly.

    "Morrissey" huh? .................hard drives don't like vibration so make sure that your speakers, especially the sub-woofer, are nowhere near your dase unit


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    try to update your BIOS. try to go here
    so you can adjust your LBA for your HD. post for immediate response

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