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    IP question

    I am using anonymous proxy server and i had disabled java in my browser but my IP is still visible. Why?

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    How have you determined that it is still visible?
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    Best bet is to use a tool that checks weather the proxy really is anonymous in the first instance, has a tool that uses proxies to surf the net with and also checks weather they arre public or anonymous.

    A final pointer would be to check how you setup the proxy in your browser and ensure you have entered the proxy IP correctly and that you are using the correct port.

    Give that a try, it is always best to test the proxy yourself to ensure it really is anonymous.


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    Originally posted here by Tiger Shark
    How have you determined that it is still visible?
    On site is link-test your IP and there is IP from proxy, but mine too.
    But I am from Czech Republic and I think, my provider doesnt support that.(I am sorry for my eglish)

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    Same thing happened to me and I had a highly anonymous proxy
    Local IP
    Proxy IP United States whois
    Real IP United States whois

    Related Environment Variables
    very strange. Any thoughts?

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    I would say that your proxies aren't really being proxies. I tried it with Anonymizer and got back: United States whois

    Related Environment Variables
    Not even close.
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