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    how to get antipoints

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    Try to help others as much as you can and dont flame anyone unnecesarily. The best advice is to not try too hard to help others just to get APs. Sometimes you will give someone a really good help, and get no APs for it, and thats OK. If all you think about is APs, you wont get many. The only reason why we're here is to help each other, and get help when we need it. I know i've needed help in many occasions.

    Welcome and Good Luck.


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    Don't ask this question
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    kpramod AP aren't that important... they give you ur own private room, your custom avatar (etc...) and the status of having Anti online addict / Member / Ubber USer

    But that doesn't matter that much around here. A lot of 'newbies' are actually very experient users and people who know what they're talking about.

    I guess that 's why newbies get the same respect as elders around here.

    Bottom Line: if you really want them AP so much, help, write a tut on a subject you're good at (check is it wasn't been written already) and help,help,help....

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    From the FAQ:

    How Do I Earn AntiPoints?

    If you post high quality and thoughtful messages, your fellow members will approve of your posts. By their approval you gain AntiPoints. If you post incorrect, misleading, harassing, or messages against the guidelines, they will disapprove and you will lose AntiPoints.

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    thank you for giving me advice since i am a new member

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    Thread close. Enough over abuse for one day.
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