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    Question Just curious...

    I was watching TV a few days a go and saw a commercial about Netzero "High Speed dial-up" ( and according to them you can connect on the internet 5x faster (meaning 25kb/sec since dial-up goes 5/kb max) by simply connecting your modem to the phone jack just like a regular dial-up connection. And I was wondering if this was true because I didn't (and still don't) believe this could be possible. I think it probably just uses a lot of cacheing? Any thoughts about it?

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    the way i understand it is that it works through somekind of compresion. I could be wrong but i know that 56k is the fastest POTS (plain old telephone system) can actualy handle. Some body feel free to corect me if im wrong on this one.

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    You are absoutly Correct ..that is exactly what that is..

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