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    how to prevent hard ware getting bad

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    You can't, just like everything in life, hardware will die according to the laws of entropy. You can slow that destruction down by having a decent power supply, keeping heat off of critical components. But is there a direct question.. relating to a problem that you are having ?
    I saw you posted another thread in which you said "windows 98 is always getting strucked" (this thread Is this related to what you are talking about there ? I realize english probably isn't your first language so.. please DO try your best to explain (as much detail as possible) what your problems are.. I'm just guessing here but.. is your windows98 being "struck" by viruses ? OR is windows98 becoming "stuck" or hanging.. freezing.. stopping.. I think those three words.. hanging, freezing, stopping best describe what windows98 is always been known to do ?

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    thanks for your replay

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    that's it ? thanks for my reply ? I'm trying to help you.. if you want help then TELL me what you need help with or I won't bother answering your threads.. I'm trying to be nice but at my advanced age.. it isn't easy anymore.

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    General comments

    1. Keep the system cool. Add an exhaust fan at the rear and a fan to blow air over the hard drive. Make sure that all cables are neatly tied up and don't impede the airflow in the case.

    2. Get a surge protector for the power supply.

    3. Do not have speakers, especially sub-woofers close to the system unit........they don't like vibration

    4. Be sure to ground yourself/wear a grounding strap when working on your machine.

    5. Don't overclock your system, unless you really want will reduce its life.

    6. Avoid extremes (fluctuations) in temperature and humidity..........condensation kills!

    7. Always use a CPU fan that is actually APPROVED by the manufacturer for your processor.....not one "that looks big enough"

    8. Use silver thermal compound not the white "goo" it is 20 times (2000%) more efficient.

    Just a few general thoughts


    EDIT: sumdumguy anything you would add to the list? we might as well get it as complete as possible to help others who read the thread?

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    I'm sorry nihil.. this guy hasn't gotten me pissed off.. I ain't helping him anymore.
    you'll see that negative just locked another one of this guy's threads for asking how to hack others passwords.. I think this guy is lucky that I don't neg him in one of the two other open threads that he has.

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    sorry! for my negative responds

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