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Thread: IP security!!!!

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    Unhappy IP security!!!!

    An ex-friend of mine has somehow gained acsess to my IP address and is threatening that he is going to attack my system. And yes he knows how his brother is curently in MIT!!! How can i prevent him from doing something bad to my computer, pre-emtivly(bad spelling) i might add.

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    Do i need any hacking toolz to do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    IP address is by default insecure. Anyone can get that. The question is: Is your Operating System secure? Have you got a firewall? Have you got anti-virus software installed, up-to-date dat files and running regularly (including regular full system scans)? Are you cautious about attachments you open?

    In addition, if he does "attack" your system, you can file a complaint with the ISP it's from. It is still illegal to break into systems in the US and -- in some cases -- can fall under the Patriot Act (but I don't think that it would in this case).

    I suspect he's trying to simply scare you.
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    Nothing is fool proof. For one, you could have listed what OS you have, you know, something that would make it easier to recommend software. I don't see why you'd need "hacking toolz". you need a firewall, anti virii, adaware, and spyware killer. For a firewall, don't get zone alarm, it's terrible. For anti virii, get two. that way if one misses something the other may pick it up.

    When people come here and scream they are getting hacked or some ****, it would really help to list details about your machine.

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    Thanks you both of you.

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    If you have a dial-up or DSL connection, just log out and back in again. They use dynamic addresses, so it will change.

    If you have cable, you addy is probably static, contact your ISP and ask them to change it for you.

    Get an AV and a firewall and keep them up to date

    Good luck

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    MsMittens is correct about IP's being insecure by default Genius.
    Every time you visit a website (without any protection, such as firewalls and proxies) your computer happily hands over all kinds of information. For starters:
    IP address
    Operating System
    Referers (previous website you came from)
    It's not exactly difficult to attain IP's these days.

    Like Nihil said, if you're on dial-up or DSL then this guy/girl is a blatent moron as these IP's are dynamic (they change every time you connect to the internet). At best, he/she would know your domain (range of IP addresses) which by itself is not a huge security threat unless he/she plans on attacking your ISP, in which case let me know which prison they send him/her to, I'll send him/her a hallmark.
    As for cable, I always assumed those IP's were also dynamic as they're being serviced by a DHCP.(?)

    Basically Genius, the only way this person could posses the ability to attack you specifically would be if he/she could pinpoint your physical computer by it's associated IP address. To my understanding, this is quite difficult with dynamic IP's (although not impossible).

    My take? I'm thinking this guy/girl is trying to scare you like MsMittens said.
    In any event, set up a Firewall/AntiVirus/Trojan Scanner(like the others said), notify your ISP about the threat and just keep an eye out. Good Luck.

    Here's some links for you to check out to help you.
    Rating the Enemy
    Making your Windows OS secure
    What to do if your hacked or attacked
    Staying Safe Online
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    Take a good pair of gardening sheers (or any heavy duty metal cutter) and snip any cables or wires leading into/out of your computer. They'll never get 'ya then. (sorry)

    Yep, if you run Windows, make sure it's patched. Don't open any attachments (fear of self-installing exploits). Befriend some folks here - they'll teach you much.

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    Just a note on cable providers,

    Depending on who your provider is, if you change your NIC card (MAC address changes), your provider assignes you a different IP address automatically. Has worked for me, many times. Might want to try it, if you feel you need to change your Ip address..

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    I use cable and althougth the ip is dynamic it hasn't ghanged since the day I got it about 6 months ago.

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