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Thread: Mac or PC?

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    Mac or PC?

    I have posted this question a couple of times, and I havent got an answer yet. I was just wondering if I should buy a Mac or a PC? I enjoy PC's because the massive amount of software for them (such as kazaa lite), but I enjoy MAcs because of how easy they are to use and to learn how to properly use.

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    I recommend pcs,because they're more widely used by people.

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    Perhaps the exact reason as to why to use a Mac (something new and different). Quite honestly, the answer is up to what you want to do with the computer and what you are comfortable with. Macintoshes today are not the same as when I got my first Mac in 1984. Today I have PCs and Macs all over the house. Half the time it's an experiment to figure out which one is making the noise.

    That all said, if you want to play games, general surfing, entertainment, etc. a PC would be good. If games aren't your big thing but are interested in the rest a Mac might be good (the reality is the Mac gaming market sucks). Keep in mind that today's Macintosh is running OS X, a BSD/NeXT based OS so you'll have a bit of a learning curve, although there are lots of places to pick up information and certainly there are Mac-experts here at AO. One advantage, IMHO, of Macs over PC still remains that because of the smaller user base, you have fewer virus/worm problems and fewer people who want to break into a Mac. It's an interesting side effect, IMHO.

    Anyways, don't think it helped much but I do hope it has given you some pause for thought. Oh ya... budget wise: you can go really cheap on a PC but if you want the same power as you get on a Mac (without starting a flame war here) you'll end up just under the same value as a Mac.
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    I reconmend PC OS becuase MAC istn a highly used OS.

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