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Thread: Video Games: do they cause violence?

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    Video Games: do they cause violence?

    I am doing a project for a class So I have decided to take a poll to see what you guys think. Do you think violent Video Games cause real world violence?
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    They are and excuse to attempt to remove blame and excuse violent behavior when the perpetrators are faced with consequence.

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    They are and excuse to attempt to remove blame and excuse violent behavior when the perpetrators are faced with consequence.
    To a degree perhaps. They may desensitize someone but at the same time society itself is just as violent as it always have been. It's only recently (in the last 100 years or so) that we bring it to light and question it. In addition, one has to wonder why the parents didn't do anything. Many violent games are rated M (Mature usually means 17 or older to buy -- visit the ESRB Game Ratings) so how do 13 year olds get it? And are allowed to play it? Parents would be quick to question their kids going to a horror movie but don't question the games they play?

    It's easy to blame the game or even the parents but I don't think the answer is as simple as that. It is a combination of stuff: parents not paying attention; kids exploring and wanting to try things but without supervision; game manufacturers not educating kids on the reality of the violence; sellers not paying attention or caring about who they sell to.
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    yea ill havteo agree with ms.mittens on that... it doesnt depend solely on the game. if a kid is brought up respectably, politely and responsibly by their parents getting a violent game i really dont think will do that. i'm 13, and im being brought up in a pretty strict family compared to all my friends and stuff. i have loads of violent games, but i would never even think about causing massive harm to anyone. yes, ive come very close to fights several times, but im modest about them, im a big guy, i could kick most of the schools ass, yes i study martial arts a little, but i could definently have beaten up all those people that ive almost gotten in fights with, but i havent, because i try to avoid violence. all this despite the fact i play Counter-Strike on the xbox half my day. anyways, if you are brought up in a bad enviornment, like being beaten by your parents or something that really would only encourage violence, i really dont think that it would be a good idea to mix someone like that with violent video games. however, for some people, like me, it helps to relieve my quench to kick some @$$ that i have every now and then. theres nothing that helps me more on that than getting on Counter-Strike and massacring some dudes

    BTW if you play Counter-Strike on the xbox my gamertag is GodDeimos

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    Video games do not effect kids... if Pacman effected us as kids we'd all be running around in a darkened room muching on magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.

    But really, I believe they do in a way, it's really a combination of everything that we see and hear. The News is filled with it, the movies are also,and our video games.Thats alot of our time bombarded with Violence...It will definately effect us!!!
    Video games do not effect kids... if Pacman effected us as kids we\'d all be running around in a darkened room muching on magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.

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    if Pacman effected us as kids we'd all be running around in a darkened room muching on magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.
    Doesn't everyone do that??

    ANYWAY (lol).... Since most children learn from copying the behavior of those around them wouldn't it stand to reason that violent video games have some influence?

    But surely not as much as the adults in the life of said child . And even entering the teen years, when the peer group is much more important to the child than his/her parents, parents still should have the final say on those peers their child interacts with. And parents should be aware of their children's friends, habits and school behavior. As a parent, while I can sympathethize with the difficulty of keeping up with one's child... I can not condone a parent who honestly does not know their child. No one else on the planet is in such a position to aid, guide and nurture a child as a parent is.

    So I guess what I'm trying to say is that the buck must stop somewhere. And there is no better place for it to stop than with the parents. Sure, there are certainly bad apples, but shouldn't a parent have the courage to admit that their child may be a bit "odd" and look for help for their child?

    Geeezzzz and I thought I was done ranting lol. Ok, all over with now.

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    Deimos326 if you play CS on the PC join this IP Thats a AO Clan server.

    Note: Its not affiliated with jupmedia, its just a server that many of us from AO are renting.

    I pretty much agree with everyone here.

    Video games don't spawn violence. Its an excuse for parents to use when there kids start acting up. Its up to the parent to control the kid.

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    Originally posted here by ALIENBOY
    we'd all be running around in a darkened room muching on magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.
    I do that and I'v never even played that damn game. I like unreal Tournament, Doom, Quake, Tux Racer, and Grand Theft Auto, the original, and part 2.

    I like playing Resident evil also.

    I listen to Punk, Metal, and most other bands that have been listed as "Bad", and I watch Movies like Scarface, the original from 1931, and Scarface with Al Pacino. I also have a collection of about 112 horror/gore/splat movies. Alot of the movies I have are banned in 48 countries or so because of the graphic violence and gore shown in them.

    I also just got done watching Cheech and Chong's Up In Smoke. Hmmm, no blunt anywhere near me, and I don't feel like smoking any. Well, I guess that takes care oft hat stupid as hell theory.

    I'm going to let the dumb *******s who actually believe this **** in on a little secret:

    There was violence, LONG before there were video games, movies, and music to blame it on. If you want to blame music for violence, blame that snare drum beat that soldiers march too. That song has been around more killings than ANY Marilyn Manson song has.


    Hmm, I'm not done yet. The media and news people always help point the finger at this ****, but they are the ****ers filming it for the whole world to watch on TV.

    I'v always said the best horror movies are on the news. Little kids have access to that, and some schools tell kids they SHOULD watch the news. After the little kid is done seeing how many banks were robbed, people were shot, and some new act of terrorism was performed during the day.....How does a game cause violence? Or a movie? When the news covers all of this that ACTUALLY ****ING HAPPENS.

    I'd love to see someone point a finger at the news and say they were responcible. The news shows WAY more violence than any video game or movie has. I live near Detroit, killing and robbing people is a daily news story.

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    Hell yes!! My son has killed or severly injured several input devices in just the past 6 months. Lets recap... One M$ optical mouse demolished when it reached the end of its cord and recoiled back, smashing him in the side of his head... One Game Commander torn from it's base while in a heated game of UT2003... several keyboards that look as if they were hit by sledge hammers... I am still trying to figure out if he used his head on those too... The list grows daily. When he sits at his computer, his dogs leave the room with their tails tucked. I have had to apologize to friends who visit when they hear the foul language emanating from his room. Yeah these games breed violent, hardware killing maniacs. I have yet to see anyone use an input device as a weapon in hand to hand melee. I also have never known many avid gamers to leave the security of their desk chair long enough to create violence out side of their Cyber Lives. It could be that ripping these gamers from their computers may cause violence. If they can't vent on their computers, then they just might vent on a real person, especially the ones who took his computer for fear of it causing violence.

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    A few weeks ago I watched a friend of mine spend hours in front of GTA Vice City. He primarily yelled at hookers. It was an interesting experience....

    This is an involved debate. I personally believe that most violent behavior is already resident in the diseased minds of modern youth. At most, and this is reaching, video games will give implementation ideas to these already violent beings.

    I play violent video games all the time, along with most of my friends. Neither I, nor any of my friends have ever acted out any of the games.

    The idea of video games casuing violence is just another way that modern society shifts the blame from criminals to their environment. "Oh, he had an abusive childhood...", or "It's the music", or even "It's the video games." Grow up people. There is a clear line between right and wrong (usually) and the people who do wrong are making a contious choice to do so. By placing blame on environmental factors, we as a society are alleviating the responsibility people have for their own actions. That is just as wrong as the actions themselves.
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