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Thread: A Mini-ITX in a Windows XP Box?

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    A Mini-ITX in a Windows XP Box?

    Check this link, it's insane.
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    The also have a Mini-ITX in a Red Hat box. There is a lot of nice mods on that site, I have been going there for a while now. I actually tried a few mods from thier site. If you look at some of my previous posts, I talk about the cluster box I built.

    Originally posted here by Info Tech Geek
    That reminds me of a project we started working on a while back with the mini-itx boards. We built a single housed cluster information center. There were a few systems built into an old (sort of file cabinet type) storage case. We had one system running the firewall, one running our file-server, one running Windows 2000 Server, one hosting our mail/webserver, and etc. On top of this storage container there was (1) 17" monitor and a desk area with a book, keyboard, and mouse. This system wasn't used much except for up keep and adjustments. So there was a KVM switch that allowed us access to the segment we needed at the time. There was a surge protected mounted to the side and a KVM switch mounted on the top. It was really clean and was out of the way. The only wire not attached to the foundation was a cat5 coming from the rounter built into the case that came to my external switch and connected my home network to the cluster and shared the resources. Its great, cheap, and (SMALL).

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