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Thread: Outpost and 2k3 small business server

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    Outpost and 2k3 small business server

    I messed up.... and have come to share my stupidity with you.

    I have new m$ 2k3 small business server and I was configuring it.

    I decided that I'd give outpost firewall a shot, as I've never used it.

    Since this was only a test server... I figured I'd load the free version.

    That was a mistake... when they say:

    System Requirements
    - Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
    - Pentium 200 or faster
    - 10MB HardDisk space
    - 32MB RAM
    They mean it... they don't support m$ 2k3 small buiness server.

    I completely crashed it... to the point where I couldn't recover it.

    I had to format and reinstall.

    phun phun!
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    Ouch, I guess that old saying is true, "it happens to the best of us". lol

    At least we now know too. You know what the Gi-Joes always said: "now you know and knowing is half the battle!"


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