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Thread: Close to being banned list

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    Close to being banned list

    Is it just me, or have the people on the close to being banned liste been there as long as i can remeber? how about an admin just bans them and frees up the space for others [wink wink]. Anyone else have any thoughts?

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    Who really cares for those guys, and maybe they'll come back someday and become seniors with a lot of grennies. You never know, I dont think they disturb anybody.

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    OK, I can see both points of view?

    I guess that we mostly have "Troll Residuum" here? Maybe they should vanish from the list after a while, and go back automatically if they resurface unrepentant.

    At the end of the day, It really does not/should not matter. After all they must have had comments when they were given the negs? so they must know what people think in general about them?...and they have gone away.

    I couldn't even be bothered to program the change myself, so I could hardly ask anyone else

    Just my £0.02


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    I was wondering the same thing. Since a few of them have been there for quite some time. Now how long does a name remain there until it is removed ?
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    Now how long does a name remain there until it is removed ?
    Untill we ban it, but some of them have like 3 posts in 1 thread or two and both threads are Closed so we can not assign points and they remain on the list.

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    The "close to being banned list" shows the 10 users with the most negative count for APs. They stay on the list until either they are banned, or until someone else racks up a more negative AP count and bumps them off the list.

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