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Thread: .avi format

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    .avi format

    Does anybody know about a program for macs that reads .avi format, cause I have a whole bunch of them stored on my PC and would like to transfer them over.

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    You could use QuickTime Player ( . This would be able to play .avi type files. I think this was originally designed as a mac program and ported onto the pc.

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    should come on your mac?
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    hi guy,

    1,. AVI was originally called Video for Windows® (VFW) and QuickTime supports the VFW format.

    2,many DivX-encoded files carry the .avi extension. QuickTime does not include native DivX support

    using the following way's

    1.VLC media player for osx (video lan client) freeware tool from
    2. The best way is to convert to using freeware tools from

    have a nice day

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    theirs alway windows media player for mac:
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