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Thread: video converter

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    video converter

    Hi all!

    I have captured some streaming media that is in the real palyer format (*.rm) and I need to convert it to *.avi so I can load it on my palm pilot.

    I have found TONS of software to do this... however... it is all shareware or commercial products. Me being a poor college student... I like to go the free route.

    Does anyone know of any freeware video converters that will do this job?

    Thanks in advance!!!
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    There is also a little trickery that you can do on your PC to record it to a WMV file, which can be converted into AVI/MPEG with TMPEG Enc or something like that, if you want to it to be completely free. That assumes, of course, that you use the Windows OS.

    First, go and download Windows Media Encoder off of the MS website. Install, etc.
    You may have to go and right click on your desktop, settings, advanced, and basically disable all accelerated hardware support. This may not be needed, try it without and see.
    Set WME to record from desktop and sound card (Stereo Mixer), select the RealPlayer application as the area to record, set it to record, and play the file. When done, click stop record on WME, and you have the WMV to convert wit TMPEG Encoder.

    It may be troublesome, but some of the stuff you can do if the MemorY's solution doesn't work.

    BTW, I have a tutorial written on CliéSource on "Making Video Files Image Converter Friendly" I plan on updating it when I find a way to freely convert RM to AVI, but I don't think that MemorY's link will be free enough... Close though... It's also somewhere on my website in the file downloads, and most of it is converting files to AVI for Image Converter to make it so the Clié likes it.

    Good luck. Hope this helps.

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    did Memory's solution work?

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    som2006 please check the dates on threads before posting. That one is nearly 3 years old.

    Post your own thread, even if the topic is similar, you see, it might be reasonable to expect that there could be a newer and better answer after all that time.

    Actually if you look at the post you will see that it did not answer the question..................only the download is free, the product isn't.

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